Such an amazing weekend at the Renegade Mini Market at Mana Contemporary in Pilsen. Such inspiration! Have a look...

Terrarium Revolution happened and it was AWESOME!!  Both ladies and gentlemen created amazing terrariums while sipping Revolution's beer. 

Check out some of the creations...and sign up for the next one at Intuit Gallery in Wicker Park here. 

Finished masterpieces from Kristin, Savanah, Jess, and Sarah.

Terrarium students in the zone.


It has become my quest to share terrarium making with the world. I'm holding a class at Revolution Brewery tap room. April 3rd and it sold out!  Not to worry though..... I've got a second class ready to run a few weeks later on May 17th. This class will be awesome because it's being held at an amazing art gallery in Wicker Park, Intuit. Sign up here! Do it fast before this one sells out too!

                                    Hell yes.

                                    Hell yes.

Recently, Hens and Chicks partnered up with Katie Netti's Urban Oil Ceramics at Fortunate Discoveries in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. We found that our work compliments each other and why not show it off together! We salvaged the furniture from a neighborhood estate sale and spruced it up. It needed a little TLC, but it fits perfectly with our warm woody feel we were going for. The barrel came from a local brewery, Half Acre. They were happy to donate because Half Acre is awesome.

Hens and Chicks from Seed

A long time ago, I realized the magic in terrariums and succulents after visiting a plant shop in New York City. Soon after, my apartment was busting at the seams with terrariums containing a myriad of succulent varietals, in all sorts of containers. From antique bowls to contemporary hand blown glass, I found a way to put a plant in it. The next logical step was to grow succulents on my own. I was in for a surprise because growing beautiful plants from seed is pretty tricky. I Inquired from experts, and took classes at Chicago's Botanical Gardens, and about a year later, I did it! I successfully grew the succulent cultivar, Sempervivum tectorum  (hens and chicks) from seed. I incorporated these home grown plants into cute little favors for a friend's baby shower. This was the ultimate inspiration to open Hens and Chicks Plants.